The Studio

The Studio is a group made up of two entities,
Carte Blanche and Eidon Architecture, who bring their specific knowledge
in the collegial framework of the “moment of the project”.

Canguilhem wrote that medicine was an art at the crossroads of several sciences.

This definition resonates with our conception of the project which brings into play our knowledge, our experiences, our conceptions of the world. This proven, shared collegiality creates the conditions for the emergence of projects. Each time an alchemy occurs with the same difficulty in discerning the part of mastery from the part of grace. . . of letting go.

From the initial diagnosis to the project, from the filing of the building permit to the project management, all our skills are mobilized each time with a single goal: that of achieving the best result.

The Studio is:
– Julien Rhinn, Designer manager
– Patrick Garruchet, Architect DPLG
– Christelle Minci, Artistic Director
– Lou Navenot- Cheynier, State architect diploma holder

Julien Rhinn studio à Saint-Tropez

Intérieur Studio Julien Rhinn Saint-Tropez

The Studio

Rather than talking about ourselves, which we find can be difficult, we would like to hand over to those who have written about us and our work, so that you can truly explore the soul of our studio, as well as our achievements, Here is our studio, “as seen from the outside”:

The establishment of this gifted thirty-year-old man in Saint-Tropez is not surprising. Julien Rhinn perfectly fits in the peninsula landscape just as much as the giant pines of the properties to which he dedicates all his talents. As a designer architect, he is fully  focused on landscape design, outdoor living and vegetal decoration, following a key principle for each of his projects:

‘Make the impossible possible.’

‘Every time I finish a project, I leave a little bit of me,’ says Julien. Whenever he takes up a construction site, he gives 1,000% of himself. Julien has elevated his core activity, landscape design and outdoor living, to an amazing art form. His golden rule of an ‘all-year-round residential home’ takes on its full meaning and perfectly matches the peninsula, where one can find the finest properties. Indeed, this visionary only aims for the extraordinary and commits himself to no more than a dozen projects per year to live up to his philosophy.

‘My clients are exclusive!’

I travel a lot. I absorb everything and I usually have a clear idea of what I want. I have an instinctive perception of the project and its scenography. This is why my clients give me carte blanche to accomplish their dream project, even if I have specifications’, Julien explains. As part of his landscape design activity, Julien Rhinn’s Saint-Tropez agency includes architecture, rehabilitation, renovation and construction poles. And the young man has surrounded himself with professionals as successful as he is in ‘delivering’ projects in record times.



Article published in “Pur Saint-Tropez” after the Studio settled in the town in September 2019